The mission of the Optentia Research Focus Area is to develop and organise knowledge for the optimal expression of individual, social and institutional potential, with specific interest in the African context. The research programme utilises the inputs from various disciplines in the social sciences, including Psychology, Industrial/Organisational Psychology, Human Resource Management, Educational Psychology, Sociology, Educational Sciences, Employment Relations, and Social Work.

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Introduction to Social Gerontology in South Africa - 12 to 14 March 2018

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Developing supports for the learning needs of all learners - 09 to 10 July 2018

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Optentia's approach to research

Optentia has produced a new video that shows the entity's approach to research. Click here to watch the video (part 3 of the Optentia story). ...Read article

Technology: the cure-all solution to SA’s education woes?

The advances of modern-day technology have introduced new and innovative ways of learning, and numerous studies have revealed the positive learning effects of virtual reality, online systems, and interactive applications. Prof Suf...Read article

Oxford academic joins NWU Optentia as extraordinary professor

Violence against children is a global health concern with an estimated 1 billion children affected annually. Prof Franziska Meinck will take a closer look at the subject during her upcoming prestige lecture as extraordinary profes...Read article

Optentia-affiliated staff at PhD defence in Bergen

Prof. Ian Rothmann (Director of Optentia) and Prof. Kirsti Lonka (Extraordinary Professor in Optentia) were appointed as opponents for the defence of the doctoral thesis of Eilin Kristine Erevik at Bergen University in Norway. The...Read article

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February 2018

Social participation of students with special educational needs

European Journal of Special Needs Education

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BaSSREC (Ethics) Meeting
Applications submitted: 8 February 2018 - 12:00



Navigating the app-wilderness
11:00-13:00; Presenter - Prof. S. Kelders



Prestige lecture: Prof. S. Kelders
Topic: Engagement and adherence to online well-being interventions

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