The mission of the Optentia Research Focus Area is to develop and organise knowledge for the optimal expression of individual, social and institutional potential, with specific interest in the African context. The research programme utilises the inputs from various disciplines in the social sciences, including Psychology, Industrial/Organisational Psychology, Human Resource Management, Educational Psychology, Sociology, Educational Sciences, Employment Relations, and Social Work.

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October 2019 is a busy month for Optentia

Optentia has a very busy month in October 2019. Prof. Ian Rothmann and Sibusiso Mnxuma is visiting various academic and research networks in the Netherlands. Specific people include Prof. Andries Baart, Prof. Ype Poortinga, P...Read article

International research collaboration to confront the crisis of sexual harm

When it comes to designing and conducting international collaborative research, the North-West University’s (NWU’s) Optentia research focus area is blazing a trail of excellence within the South African higher educatio...Read article

Let’s consider having more trust savvy

Do we have trust savvy? This is the question asked by Dr Marita Heyns, a researcher at the North-West University’s (NWU’s) Optentia research focus area. Through her research, Dr Heyns – who has a particular inter...Read article

Workshop for emerging researchers

Prof. Ian Rothmann and Ms Anjonet Jordaan presented a workshop for emerging researchers on 14 August 2019. The aims of the workshop were: a) To identify the demands and requirements for an emerging researcher. b) To get clear abou...Read article

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September 2019

From surviving to thriving: Towards career well-being.

In M. Coetzee, I.L. Potgieter, & N. Ferreira (Eds.), Psychology of retention: Theory, research and practice

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Workshop: Employment and inclusiveness
Topic: Unemployment in The Netherlands: On guiding unemployed and gu...



Workshop: Sampling in practice
Presenter: Dr Ariane Neethling (PhD, Pr.Sci.Nat) Professional Statis...



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